Chelsea VS Leeds United

 Stamford Bridge will host the upcoming Chelsea match against Leeds United, which is scheduled to be held in the 16th round of the English Premier League, on Saturday 11-12-2021.

After a disappointing draw for the Blues fans in the last round of the group stage in the Champions League, in which the Blues lost the lead of the group in favor of the old lady's team, the fans are waiting for the opening of the Vikings Battlefield, Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's stronghold in order to attend their team's match against Leeds United The Chelsea team is going through some confusion in terms of results, as it lost the lead in the last round in favor of the Manchester City team before ascending as the second group after Juve in the last round of the group stage, so the team wants to compensate for these results and win at home and among its fans and reconcile the fans who chanted against some Players outraged by their performance, on the side of the pitch, Leeds United enters this match and wants to take advantage of the setback the Blues are going through and win over them or at least get a point and return home with a point better than defeat.

Chelsea vs Leeds United match date today

Stamford Bridge, the stronghold of Chelsea FC, opens its doors to host his team's match against Leeds United in a Premier League match in the framework of the matches of the sixteenth round of the competition, and the match begins at five in the evening Cairo time, six in the evening Saudi time next Saturday corresponding to December 11.

Chelsea vs Leeds United live

Chelsea is in third place in the English Premier League standings with 33 points, leaving behind the lead in favor of Manchester City, while Leeds United enters the match and is in fifteenth place with 16 points, and both coaches want to collect the three points of the match, the stadium owner wants to regain the lead, as for The guest wants to get out of the bottom of the table and go away from the relegation teams, so this match is expected to witness a very big excitement between the two sides.

https://live.64team.com/ Which channel will broadcast the Blues and Leeds United match today?

The Chelsea-Leeds United match is scheduled to be broadcast on the Bein Sport Premium 2 channel, which is the exclusive and only carrier of the English Premier League matches via the following frequency.

Nilesat satellite

Frequency 11013

horizontal polarization

Error correction factor 3/2

Encoding rate 27500